Our Services

Our Services

For many people, the modern workplace provides wonderful opportunities – a sense of purpose, development of potential, career advancement, remuneration, and connection to others.

However, it can also generate significant pressure, and result in staff having to make huge sacrifices to meet expectations and deadlines.

If we can find ways to do what we need to do faster, easier, and more enjoyably, it will increase the positives and reduce the negatives.

Whether the focus is personal or organisational, Construction Advisor has the proven expertise to help you develop your knowledge and skills, and  thereby cope better with demands.

Based on over twenty years’ coaching experience across the spectrum, from CEO to Graduate Engineers, from General Foremen to Labourers, we’ve learnt what works, and have distilled those ideas into a series of webinars/seminars which deliver both pragmatic insights and powerful learning opportunities.

If there is a topic which is of interest to you but not on this list, let us know and we’ll organise it.