Metricon, one of the nation’s major builders is about to cut back almost a tenth of its workforce, as concerns mount in Australia’s construction industry.


The company has around 2,500-people in its workforce.

Most of the roles that will go are in front-of-house jobs like sales and marketing.

The company is currently contracted to build 6,000 homes.

The industry has been grappling with soaring inflation or price hikes on a range of crucial materials, including timber, flooring and even toilets.

That’s collided head-on with staff shortages to build new homes, which was exacerbated by the east coast floods which soaked up many workers for rebuilds and repairs.

This year, a long list of building companies including Previum, Condev and ProBuild have collapsed.

Metricon’s construction pipeline shows no sign of slowing with more than 6,000 site starts scheduled for 2023.

AUTHOR:  Emilia Terzon