Windsor Bridge

A new 157 metre long incrementally launched four span bridge is to be constructed across the Hawkesbury River at Windsor about 50 metres downstream from the current bridge. New approach roads and intersections will be required to connect the new bridge to the existing road system as well as modifications to local roads and access including the Macquarie Park access and the connection to The Terrace.
The new bridge will support a shared cyclist/pedestrian pathway allowing access to and across it.

The existing roads and bridge are to be demolished and backfilled where necessary. Public utility adjustments scour protection works and water management measures are included in the scope.

Urban design and landscaping works are required adjacent to the northern intersection of Wilberforce Road Freemans reach Road and Macquarie Park access road and within the parkland area of Thompson Square. Archaeological salvage around the Thompson Square area south of the Hawkesbury River.