Why Construction Companies Need to Invest in Digital Marketing

(Picture by pexels-pixabay-267350)

It’s not a matter of if you become a digital contractor, but when. And if when isn’t soon, your company will eventually fade from the public eye.

That’s the reality many businesses faced a decade ago, and the digital imperatives are quickly catching up to the construction world – even earth-moving and heavy/highway contractors with a small customer base.

A “digital contractor,” according to Brett Sutherlin, is one who uses all the technology available, particularly the technology that enables you to reach more customers, partner better with suppliers and recruit a topnotch skilled workforce. Technology like GPS, BIM and telematics are important too, but their value and necessity depend on the work you do. Not everybody needs GPS machine control. But the technology you need to market your company is important for every kind of contractor.

If you’re not on Google, and you can’t be found, that is one of the main reasons you lack customers.”

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