What’s better than walking on the water …..

(Photo: Rab Lawrence/flickr)

Walking through it.

A revolutionary jack-up barge is helping to build a sea wall in Devon in the UK.  The WaveWalker jack-up barge is an eight-legged device with hydraulic jacks to enable lateral movement without floating. Each jackable leg is carried in a leg bearing unit, which slides on bull rails built into the hull structure. Once in location, four legs on opposite hull sides are lowered to seabed and the rig is jacked up in the conventional manner. The other four legs in raised position are then slid to the end of the walking stroke by the walking cylinders. These legs are then lowered to the seabed and weight transferred to them. The rig moves four metres with each cycle, achieving walking speeds of up to 40 metres per hour in either direction, subject to favourable seabed conditions.

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