Virgin Hyperloop Certification Centre to be built in West Virginia

Photo: noemiromeroshs/flickr

Virgin Hyperloop have announced that their Hyperloop Certification Centre (HCC) will be built in West Virginia in the US.

For the nascent hyperloop technology, Virgin Hyperloop said this announcement marks a major step forward in its efforts to gain certification and start commercial service. The company said it is aiming to achieve safety certification by 2025 and begin commercial operations in 2030. And has touted its bipartisan, bicameral support over the past few years from elected leaders at various levels of government who see it as a job creator, a way to alleviate crushing traffic congestion and an innovative way to get around.

With Virgin Hyperloop having found routes feasible in various states including Missouri and a corridor between Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania, the company said this HCC is the next step towards getting commercial service with 670 mile-per-hour speeds up and running.

The Construction Dive

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