Villawood Detention Centre NSW

Villawood Detention Centre Stage 3 works consist of the construction of a new higher security/higher risk precinct for up to 62 detainees. Accommodation six special care common facilities and outdoor areas are to be included.
The new precinct is to be divided into two identical and separate secure areas each providing accommodation and facilities for up to 31 detainees. These areas are over two levels and are based on the Mitchell Precinct with refinements based on the Higher Risk Accommodation & General Flexible Accommodation models security amendments.

Each area will have the capacity for lockdown operations and no shared facilities. They will also have common areas for dining and recreation as well as high care facilities for special needs detainees. A separate secure area around the Banksia & Tweed building with security curtilage and a separate area for football field. Access will be managed from each of the surrounding accommodation spaces.

Fences and roadworks to support the new high security precinct will be constructed as well.