Victorian Government supports recycling and re-using materials in its infrastructure projects

(Photo: Shutterstock)

Ecologiq is a Victorian Government initiative to optimise the use of local recycled and reused materials in government infrastructure projects, reduce waste and contribute to a Victorian circular economy. Roads & Infrastructure talks with Ecologiq’s Program director to find out more.

Ecologiq supports the objectives of Recycling Victoria – the Victorian Government’s 10-year plan to overhaul the state’s recycling sector, keep waste out of landfill and drive innovation in sustainability.

The program has come at a crucial time for Victoria – with China’s decision to restrict our export of some low-quality mixed recyclables in 2018 destabilising global recycling markets and disrupting Victorian recycling services.

By 2046, Victoria is expected to generate 40 percent more waste than it did in 2017-18. Ecologiq will help Victoria innovate and grow our domestic recycling capabilities, build local markets and create new uses for recycled materials.

Ecologiq Director Tony Aloisio explains how Ecologiq aims to deliver on four key principles.

“Ecologiq exists to increase recycled and reused content in major transport projects and make that the ‘new norm’ in the way transport infrastructure is delivered and maintained. We’re also helping to facilitate innovation in transport infrastructure construction,” he says.

“We’re looking to support a vibrant and sustainable Victorian market for reused and recycled materials, as well as collaborate with industry and government partners to support innovative new products and infrastructure applications.

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