US News – The humble cooler has a new use during Covid-19

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One of the top electrical contractors in the US is employing a new solution to better protect its workers during the coronavirus pandemic, Construction Dive in the US reports.  Rosendin Electric, based in San Jose, California is using an industrial-grade cooling unit to blow mist made up of disinfectant and water over high-traffic areas on jobsites.

Unwashed surfaces on construction sites can be a hidden health concern even when workers wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintain social distancing.

Rosendin adopted the practice following the publication of a white paper from the Power Breezer company that found that the company’s industrial cooler was capable of using mist to disinfect large surfaces. Rosendin has employed it at two prefabrication warehouses in Oregon, and two data center jobsites in Oregon and Washington state, according to Josh Johnson, Rosendin’s West Coast corporate safety director.

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