US invests $550 billion in infrastructure

(Photo: Jonathan Smith/flickr)

US president Joe Biden and a bipartisan group of senators have agreed a US$550 (£395bn) deal to make the country’s biggest investment in infrastructure in nearly a century.

The deal will providing funding to upgrade and improve public transport, rail, roads and bridges, replacement of lead water pipes, build transmission lines and upgrade power grids, strengthen infrastructure required for protection from natural disasters and install a national network of electric vehicle charging stations as well as provide funding for critical environmental clean-ups.

In total, the deal includes US$550bn in new federal investment in America’s infrastructure.

  • Roads, bridges, and major projects – US$110bn
  • Transport safety – US$11bn
  • Public transit – US$39bn
  • Passenger and freight rail – US$66bn
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure – US$7.5bn
  • Reconnecting communities – US$1bn to reconnect communities divided by transportation infrastructure.
  • Airports, ports, and waterway – US$17bn for port infrastructure, US$25bn for  airports.
  • Resilience and western water infrastructure – >US$50bn.
  • Clean drinking water – US$55bn
  • High-speed internet – US$65bn
  • Environmental remediation – US$21bn
  • Power infrastructure – US$73bn

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