Urgent need for financial review of your operations

In light of one our biggest companies in our industry having financial trouble this week, everyone needs to focus their attention on their own operations.

Do a quick check – Is what you quoted still valid? Has the sharp rise in cost of materials affected your profitability?  These 3 minutes could save you thousands in profit and lower your risk.

Thanks Adam Wilson from Wilson Accounting for offering these words of wisdom and advice to our small business owners. 

(apology from CA admin – I tried to embed the video in this post, but it didn’t allow me the connection, therefore a link to video is provided below. The link will take you to Loom, which is a reputable site.)


Don’t let pricing increases smash your profits. Responding to these updates will mean a serious increase to your revenue and profits

Watch Adam Wilson in this 3 minute video, and if you would like a free 15 min business review with Adam reply ‘yes’ in the comments in the video, or book in a session. Wilson Accounting operate across Australia and can connect with you over video if required.

Alternatively, if prefer to catch up over a beer, we get it – just call us on 03 9988 7777 – We are here to help.