University of Sydney Chau Chak Wing Museum

The new Chau Chak Wing Museum is to be constructed on the University of Sydney’s Camperdown Campus. It will enable the consolidation of the Macleay Museum Nicholson Museum and University Art Gallery as well as the Collections Education and Research and Conservation facilities under one roof.The new building will be five storeys with a central space for the entry foyer and museum shop Collections storage workshops Collections Education Research and Conservation Facility area staff spaces boardroom study areas and a schools’ education area. An auditorium to seat 130 with a café and terrace as well as a loading dock and plant room.
Excavation to allow for the basement levels as well as some retention removal and planting of trees building signage and utilities and services upgrades as required.
Construction materials will include concrete walls clear and fritted glass with a dark framed glazing and reconstituted stone and paving will be a light coloured gravel ballast. Some landscaping required.