UK guide to delivery of net zero carbon buildings

(Photo: Clean Energy Resource Team/flickr)

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has published guidance on overcoming barriers to the delivery of net zero carbon buildings.

Publication of  Unlocking the Delivery of Net Zero Carbon Buildings1 follows the launch in September of Building the Case for Net Zero2 – a feasibility study into the design, delivery and cost of new net zero carbon buildings.

UKGBC identified a need for further research to put wind in the sails of those trying to deliver net zero carbon buildings.

The new guidance is intended to help developers and project teams identify and respond to likely barriers throughout the process of delivering net zero carbon buildings. The guidance sets out a total of 17 barriers, grouped by RIBA stage, and categorises the opportunities to address them against four themes: design, cost, stakeholder engagement, and  innovation.



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