UK Government updates fire safety requirements as part of the Building Safety Bill

(Photo: Gilbert Mercier/flickr)

Building owners could face unlimited fines following new measures being brought in to strengthen fire safety, the Home Office has announced.

There will be no limit to the size of fine that can be handed down for breaches fire safety regulations under changes to the Fire Safety Order.

Anyone caught obstructing or impersonating a fire inspector will also face unlimited fines.

These new measures, announced as part of the government’s response to the Fire Safety Consultation, will come into force as part of the legislation in the Building Safety Bill.

The measures will amend the Fire Safety Order and will include a requirement for fire risk assessments to be recorded for each building and improve how fire safety information is handed over throughout the lifetime of a building.

The reforms all follow a major review into fire safety in buildings following the Grenfell Tower fire in London in June 2017.

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