UK government approves new pulse air test

(Photo: David Ledford/flickr)

The UK government has approved the use of a new method for testing air tightness as an official compliance measurement tool in the recently-revised building regulations.

The low-pressure Pulse test is now an approved alternative method to the standard blower door test to measure the air tightness of buildings.

Pulse is a portable compressed-air based system that is used to measure the air leakage of a building or enclosure at a near ambient pressure level (4Pa). By measuring at a lower pressure, the system provides an air change rate measurement that is representative of normal inhabited conditions, helping to improve understanding of energy performance and true building ventilation needs.

The full Pulse system comprises of an air receiver and nozzle unit, anĀ  air compressor and a touch screen control module. The testing unit is self-contained and has no need to penetrate the building fabric or block up any doorways, so there is minimal disruption to construction work or building occupants.

The technology was developed by The University of Nottingham, and is now commercially-licensed to tech start-up, Build Test Solutions (BTS).

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