Transparent shovel bucket for wheeled loaders

(Photo: Nathan Winter/flickr)

Korean machinery manufacturer Doosan Infracore has launched the industry’s first ‘transparent bucket’ system for wheeled loaders.

Doosan uses cameras to relay images into the driver’s cab of whatever is in front of the shovel bucket, eliminating a hazardous blind spot.

Doosan Infracore says that it is the first company in the world to develop and apply a front projection function with the transparent bucket for construction machines and has applied for patents in Korea, North America, Europe and China.

The system records images in front of a wheeled loader with top and bottom front-loaded cameras. It shows the combined images on the cab monitor in real time using a curved projection method.

Doosan also suggests that there may be productivity benefits as well as safety benefits, if the driver can see what he or she is loading or unloading.

Doosan also has an around view monitor (AVM) system, relying 360-degree images around the machine and a rear warning system using ultrasonic sensors.

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