This pandemic has caused rough seas for employees

“With the arrival of COVID-19, the safe, stable ship I was sailing in just self-destructed, and I am left flailing amid the wreckage in a dark and stormy sea with no land in sight.”

COVID-19 has highlighted:

  • that some ships were not as safe and stable as first thought, and many were actually very rickety, needing a lot of maintenance, plugging holes, scraping off the barnacles, and repairing the sail
  • that in the process of self-destruction, some sailors can find flotsam and jetsam to cling to; others manage to grab the life-raft with the rations and flares on board; and others drown.
  • that usually the storm doesn’t last forever and doing what you can to stay afloat until it passes helps to ensure survival
  • that if you can’t see land ahead, with the right tools such as a functioning compass, you can use your effort to be heading in the right direction, even though it may take a while.
  • that some seafarers you took on board may not have had enough sailing experience to help keep the ship stable during bad weather, or in fact terrorised the rest of the crew with their panic, whilst others proved themselves to be able to deliver just the right kind of focus.
  • that if we’re going to send people out on the open seas, we’ve got to make sure they are properly trained and equipped with the right survival aids, such as satellite phones so that you and they can stay in contact during severe weather.
  • that the people we appoint as captains must be the kind of people who are not just technically-competent in reading maps, but also possess enough emotional intelligence to be able to provide crew-members the support they need, especially when the craft is off-course and mutinies likely.
  • that the threat of pirate ships is real and so planning for such hi-jacks is sensible risk management on the high seas


The Construction Advisor Team has been delivering insightful management strategy briefings to a number of our clients looking to navigate the current environment. These offer practical solutions for staff as they manage their time and responsibilities in this disrupted period. Sessions can be delivered either in person or virtually. To find out more contact the team at to find out more.