The Missing Team Role

(Photo: Matt Malone/flickr)

There is usually one role missing from any Organisation Chart, particularly so in the construction industry, because it’s never properly designated in the way specific roles such as Project Manager, Project Engineer, Commercial Manager, Foreman, Safety Advisor, and Contract Admin are designated.

It’s the role of SOMEBODY ELSE.

SOMEBODY ELSE is the person who is expected to do the jobs no one else wants or has the time to do: such as replace the coffee in the dispenser; clean out the refrigerator; wash the cups in the sink; or replace paper in the copier.

SOMEBODY ELSE is the person who gets blamed when anyone in the rest of the group stuffs up and doesn’t take accountability for the stuff-up.

SOMEBODY ELSE is also the person who is identified when the nominated person hasn’t completed the item on the Action Plan List from the last meeting.

SOMEBODY ELSES are highly versatile.

They are called upon to cover a huge range of competencies; are always available; can’t complain; and therefore remain the unsung heroes of the Project/Work Area.

The SOMEBODY ELSES need to get an advocate to lobby on their behalf – to push back when others are shirking their responsibilities; to refuse to take the blame when it allows others to avoid accountability; and ensure that at every meeting, the Action Plan items are allocated to a specific person who IS followed up; and TO SHARE THE LOAD.

SOMEBODY ELSE will often have other buddies in a workplace called ANYONE, SOMEONE and NO ONE and they unfortunately suffer similar problems, all of which if minimized, will help EVERYONE get the work done more effectively, more efficiently and more enjoyably.


Rosemary Tilley
Director, Construction Advisor