The Latest RLB Crane Index

The latest Ryder Levitt Bucknall (RLB) Crane Index report offers an interesting insight into the changing landscape of construction in Australia. Whilst the index itself remained stable at 173 there are far more interesting shifts at a micro level.

As we discussed in The Construction Advisor Quarterly this month, the market is highly variable between regions with differing activity by sector and city. Cities such as: Adelaide, Canberra, GC, Hobart and Melbourne are still rising despite broader market pressures whilst Sydney, Brisbane, NSW coastal and Sunshine Coast came down.

What shouldn’t be a surprise is that activity is largely driven by social/institutional (civic, educational) upwards with weakness in residential and some health and retail sectors. We are expecting high-density residential construction to come off significantly in the coming 12 months so will be watching this indicator closely.

To read the full report yourself visit RLB here.