The flow on effect of Covid-19 in the Plumbing industry

The ripple effect of the pandemic is already hitting some businesses.

Kate Jones from Master Plumbers reports.

The rapid spread of coronavirus has changed the way the world works and has shaken up Australia’s plumbing industry.

Financial pressures have forced some employers to retrench workers and for others, the closure of many businesses around the country has limited their flow of work.

But for many, the regulations around social distancing are perhaps the biggest hurdle for plumbers amid the pandemic. With an emphasis on ‘flattening the curve’ of coronavirus cases, Department of Health rules mandate people staying 1.5m away from each other to minimise the risk of infection.

This throws a lot of plumbing work into question with everything from sharing a ride to work, to lunch breaks now under social distancing scrutiny.

Yet, Master Plumbers’ Chief Technical Adviser Gary Bath said, many plumbers had adapted quickly to the health measures imposed by COVID-19.

“Similar to the broad impacts the virus has had on every facet of our community, it has varied within the plumbing industry depending on the sector of the industry,” he explained.

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