Taronga Zoo-African Savannah and Congo

Partial demolition of existing African Safari exhibit including removal of:- Giraffe House/ back-of-house
– Northern Octagonal Shelter
– Meerkat exhibit/back-of-house and yards
– Zebra back-of-house
– Public amenities
– Paths steps ramps fencing garden beds and kerbs.

Partial demolition of Orangutan Rainforest exhibit including the removal of:
– Orangutan exhibit enclosure and back-of-house
– Turner House
– Paths bitumen road steps ramps fencing garden beds and kerbs.

Construction of new African Savannah exhibit for Giraffe Ostrich Zebra Meerkat Lion and Fennec Fox species.

Public viewing milling and seating areas and visitor and staff circulation and access paths.

Construction of a new Congo Forest exhibit for Eastern Lowland Gorillas and Okapi

Cliff Edge Village visitor amenities;