Taking Safety to another dimension

(Photo: Ngoc Phan/flickr)

Main works contractor Balfour Beatty Vinci (BBV) in the UK is using some new software on its HS2 contract to improve safety planning.

It is described as “advanced 4D learning technology that enables site teams to identify, record and resolve site hazards as part of a virtual construction sequence evaluation and training”.

The cloud-based SafetiBase 4D software has been developed by BBV and tech company 3D Repo with financial backing from HS2 Ltd.

Users enter a ‘Mission Room’, which creates a four dimensional, 360º virtual version of a BBV construction site on HS2’s Area North route. In the safety of an office environment, workers can then go on site and explore, discuss and agree the project’s delivery sequence, identify safety issues and agree how to resolve them.

Delivery teams are able to go inside the Mission Room, and join remotely via the internet, to tag hazards at a specific place and time in the virtual build sequence. The technology also provides the ability to click on the hazard symbol to access its entire history including details of progress that has been made in tackling identified hazards.

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