Sustainable project housing for the Indigenous community

Aboriginal Sustainable Homes is a company set up by Brad Draper, a Wiradjuri leader and former rugby league player now businessman, to provide better housing options for Aboriginal people, skills for the unemployed and local jobs in regional Aboriginal communities.

Sustainability is key to the homes his company builds and a far broader concept than the materials used, Draper says.  He has managed to build a duplex that’s slashed maintenance costs, keeps temperatures stable and now he’s got a contract to do another 60. 

It extends to the long-term viability of the homes through the use of materials, the workers who build them, lifestyles and comfort for the people who live in them, maintenance costs for the owners and a strong social fabric of the communities where they are located to keep people connected.  They’re green homes that are good for the people and the planet, he says.

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