Review to examine role of building industry developers

(Picture: Phoderstock)

The Queensland Government is set to examine the role of property developers as part of a review of its building industry fairness reforms, following a recommendation from the Queensland Parliament’s Transport and Public Works Committee.

Minister for Public Works Mick de Brenni said the State Government’s Queensland Building Plan has already enhanced construction sector payment protections and the review is part of Queensland’s comprehensive and balanced approach.

“The Queensland Government has implemented major reforms to help ensure everyone in the building industry gets paid for the work they perform – on time, in full and every time,” he said.

“The next step is to consider whether further reforms are needed to ensure everyone who benefits from a booming building industry contributes their fair share.”

Mr de Brenni said the Parliamentary Transport and Public Works Committee heard in 2020 that developers are the driving force behind much of the work undertaken in the construction sector.

“When property developers do their job well, we get great outcomes,” he said.

“And we know when industry works together – as we have shown through the COVID pandemic – we get the best outcomes for everyone.

“But we know it is contractors and subcontractors who bear the burden arising from incomplete works, payment disputes and non-compliant works or products.

“As a result, the Committee recommended there be further consideration of developers’ financial and operational capacity, ethical behaviour and work practices.

“The review will consider the benefits of ensuring everyone is accountable for the financial security and sustainability of our $47.4 billion building industry, and the range of options to achieve this.”

Mr de Brenni said a Developer Review Panel has been appointed to expand the important work already done to enhance security of payment for those in the building industry by focusing on the role of developers.

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