Psychological welfare in 2021

(Photo: Sopradit/Shutterstock)

Construction Advisor’s mantra is “Building things without breaking people“, and after a very “breaking year”, we’d like to raise the profile of caring for your people.

Just as we heightened the awareness of physical safety with Safety Management Plans and increased reporting, a Wellbeing Management Plan will do the same for psychological safety.

Every $1.00 you spend on programs to better look after your people has a return of $2.30, plus Construction Advisor has the expertise and tools to assess your company’s current state of wellbeing, and provide a comprehensive report for your consideration. If required, we can also help implement improvement plans and monitor progress – it’s what we know and what we do well.

The benefits will be obvious: improved performance, morale and engagement as well as improving your organisation’s reputation as an Employer of Choice.

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