Property industry to play critical role in the race to net zero

The Property Council of Australia has announced the important role the property industry will play in achieving net zero.

Property Council’s NSW Director Luke Achterstraat said as New South Wales invests $4.8 million in speeding up the transformation of the State’s built environment towards net zero emissions, buildings play a major role in providing some of the least cost abatement opportunities in the economy.

“Upgrading the energy efficiency of Australia’s commercial buildings would not only stimulate economic activity through inputs of local labour, it would also deliver an estimated $12 billion in energy savings between 2016 and 2030.

“With the right policy frameworks in place, we can minimise the costs of a transition to net zero emissions and create economic opportunities across all parts of industry, from sole traders and homeowners to large businesses.

“As the nation’s biggest industry that employs 1.4 million Australians, a strong property industry will be central to the nation’s economic recovery. Indeed, the built environment industry – from commercial landlords to developers and builders – has been critical to Australia’s resilience through the crisis to date.”

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