Opposing technologies for LA Metro

(Photo: Ozzy Delaney/flickr)

LA Metro has chosen two teams that will each explore a different approach for its planned Sepulveda Transit Corridor project.

The project seeks build a high-speed high-capacity line that will provide a direct connection between the San Fernando Valley and the Westside in California, USA. Two different fixed guideway technologies will be developed as possible transit solutions for the corridor. Cost of the new transit service has been put at approximately US$5.7bn (£4.1bn) and it is scheduled to open by 2033-35.

In March, Metro will ask its board of directors to approve two multi-million-dollar contracts for pre-development work. Metro is recommending LA SkyRail Express for its proposed monorail concept and Sepulveda Transit Corridor Partners – Bechtel for its proposed heavy rail concept.

Metro will recommend a PDA contract with L.A. SkyRail Express for an amount not to exceed US$63.6m (£45.9m) and a PDA contract with Sepulveda Transit Corridor Partners – Bechtel for an amount not to exceed US$69.8m (£50.4m).

Metro said that both proposals present benefits and trade-offs and will be refined further, based in part on public feedback and the environmental process moving forward.

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