New West Melbourne Structure Plan approved for development

(Photo by Robert Stokoe)

The Victorian Government has approved the new West Melbourne Structure Plan and new planning controls to guide the area’s future development.

Victoria Minister for Planning Richard Wynne approved the new West Melbourne Structure Plan yesterday. The City of Melbourne has developed the West Melbourne Structure Plan, which was endorsed by the Future Melbourne Committee in February 2018.

West Melbourne is home to a diverse mix of housing, warehouses and businesses, and a rich cultural and architectural heritage. The plan for future design and development will have a focus on accessibility, retention and reuse of historic buildings, providing open space for the community and the development of affordable housing.

The plan recognises five precincts in West Melbourne, each with a different character and set of planning provisions: Adderley, Flagstaff, Spencer, Station and Historic Hilltop. The individual precincts have unique planning controls ensuring future development in each area is appropriate and consistent.

Adderley streets will connect to the Hawke Street green spine, providing walking and cycling access to surrounding areas. Local streets in Flagstaff will be home to small parks, recreation spaces and broad canopy trees, while a variety of shops and services will be found on Spencer Street, King Street, and La Trobe Street.

Spencer will be distinct from the central city and North Melbourne with its mix of converted warehouses, contemporary developments, heritage corner pubs, and Victorian shop fronts.
Historic Hilltop will have open spaces and views to the central city and access to Flagstaff Gardens and Queen Victoria Market.

The plan is consistent with Plan Melbourne, by delivering a 20-minute neighbourhood for the West Melbourne community, with greater access to transport, open space, accommodation and significant employers including the CBD and Melbourne’s bio-medical and research institutions.

Plan Melbourne is a metropolitan planning strategy for the future shape of the city and state over the next 35 years by integrating long-term land use, infrastructure and transport planning.

The West Melbourne Structure Plan has been informed by extensive community consultation.


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