New Apartment Building Guidelines for VIC

The Victorian State Government has released new development guidelines for apartment building designs. The changes include mandating the provision of communal greenspace, deep soils areas to promote canopy tree growth and wind-tunnel minimisation designs.

Developments of over 10 dwellings will now have to have provide communal space such as shared seating or outdoor barbeque facilities. All projects greater than 5 storeys will have to consider their impact on creating wind tunnels based on nearby other architecture and buildings. Directives are eased however on some balcony/outdoor requirements for buildings over 40mtrs in an attempt to minimise unusable wind-swept balconies in preference for protected ‘winter gardens’ and/or greater natural light.

Whilst mostly welcomed by industry, some have voiced concerns that the new regulations will force apartment prices up with higher requirements for developers to sacrifice sellable meterage for the communal services and facilities.

Read more at the press release here.