National Sorry Day

(Photo: butupa/flickr)

Today is National Sorry Day and the start of National Reconciliation Week.

As we move forward into the 21st century, it is apparent that embracing the diversity of people we have in Australia can only enrich our society and our workplaces. Education and employment are basic rights of all Australians, and by actively providing such opportunities to both indigenous Australians and migrants, we can enhance the strengths of a multi-cultural society.

In the construction industry, organisations such as BMD and Symal have committed to make positive changes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers.

BMD devote time, effort and financial support to the Clontarf Foundation which trains and finds work opportunities for indigenous youth. At present there are over 130 Clontarf Training academies and since 2000 there have been 4,782 graduates.

BMD hosts regular visits of Clontarf staff and its indigenous students to learn valuable skills from experienced construction professionals to enhance their employability.

For further information on BMD, go to their website at and further information on the Clontarf Foundation is available on their website at

Another organisation which actively and purposefully includes Aboriginal people and communities is Symal.

Early in 2020, Symal launched Wamarra, their Aboriginal contracting business led by Managing Director and proud Aboriginal man of the Wiradjuri Nation, Hayden Heta. Wamarra’s mandate is to provide meaningful and sustainable employment for Aboriginal people and create a culturally safe and inclusive environment for Aboriginal people to grow and thrive. Aligning with Symal, Wamarra staff have access to a wide range of construction projects and learning opportunities, whilst for other Symal employees, working with Wamarra employees raises cultural awareness and inclusion.

For further information on Symal, go to their website at and further information on Wamarra is available on their website at

If you are aware of any other organisations within the construction industry who are actively supporting indigenous workplace opportunities, please let us know at, so we can acknowledge them as well.