MWRRG releases new multi-unit development recycling resources

(Photo: Josh Graciano/flickr)

Victoria’s Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) has released new, free resources for property managers and owners’ corporations to help improve recycling in multi-unit developments (MUDs).

According to a MWRRG statement, apartments, units and other MUDs usually have lower recycling rates, more contaminated recycling and are illegal dumping hotspots.

Contamination rates in apartment buildings can be as high as 71 per cent, compared to 13.5 per cent for general households.

“Apartments present a unique challenge for recycling because they usually have highly transient residents and their recycling services can be provided by the private sector or councils, unlike most detached houses which are serviced by councils,” the statement reads.

“This can lead to confusion about how to recycle and manage waste correctly.”

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