Murray Basin Rail Project

The $440 million Murray Basin Rail Project will deliver important upgrades to our rail freight network to meet increasing demand for freight services.
The project will drive economic growth create jobs and provide a major boost to the transport industry agricultural sector and regional communities.

It will play an important role in supporting freight mode shift from road to rail removing around 20000 truck trips from our roads to the ports and improving safety for regional communities.

The project involves standardising the rail freight lines servicing the Murray Basin region in the north-west of Victoria. The project will also increase axle loading on these lines from 19 tonnes to 21 tonnes.

These improvements will mean the freight industry in the Murray Basin region will be able to deliver exports to Victoria’s ports for export in a more efficient and competitive way as logistics costs are reduced.

The Murray Basin Rail Project is being delivered by V/Line. To find out more about the Murray Basin Rail Project visit the project page on the V/Line website.