It’s a green machine

(Photo: David Nicol/flickr)

An electric powered ring crane that can generate it’s own electricity has been designed and built by Belgian lifting specialists Sarens.

The Sarens SGC-90, nicknamed The Little Celeste, might be the world’s greenest machine capable of lifting 1,650 tonnes

While all Sarens’ other SGCs are regular hydraulic cranes, powered by diesel, the SGC-90 can be connected to the electric grid. It can even produce its own energy, by recovering and reusing the electricity it generates each time it lowers a load. When connected to the national grid, it recovers all produced energy and feeds it back, reducing energy consumption by up to 40%.

Because it runs on electricity, its operation is quiet; there are no exhaust emissions and no oil contamination risk. And with no hydraulic pumps, filters or engines, maintenance requirements are lower.

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