Infrastructure Australia charts a whole-of-system, all-hazards approach to resilience planning

(Photo: Leonard J Matthews Flickr)

Infrastructure Australia has outlined practical steps to deliver infrastructure that is more resilient to threats such as bushfires, droughts, floods, global pandemic, and cyber-attacks, in new advisory papers released today.

It aims to create resilient communities that can resist, absorb, accommodate, recover, transform and thrive in response to the effects of shocks and stresses in a timely, efficient manner to enable sustainable economic, social, environmental and governance outcomes.

The steps proposed to improve resilience in response to all hazards and across sectors are informed by the latest thinking from over 600 experts. The recommendations are informed by The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangement, The National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework, the independent NSW Bushfire Inquiry and a series of 16 stakeholder workshops.

Read more at Infrastructure Australia.