Improving supply chain safety

(Photo: rjp/flickr)

Spelling out safety across the supply chain with Coates Hire.

Coates Hire has created two safety guides, for truck drivers and load restraint protocols, to promote and embed safe processes across its network of machinery transportation partners.

Coates Hire is one of Australia’s largest equipment solutions providers with over 150 facilities across the country and hundreds of types of equipment.

The company runs a fleet of approximately 180 delivery vehicles, ranging from a one tonne ute to a semi-trailer super tilt and has over 350 transport partners. Collectively these vehicles complete upwards of 1000 equipment movements per day.

With such a diverse range of equipment and transportation modes, the company looked at how it could improve safety processes pertaining to requirements such as the National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL).

From there, the Coates Hire safety guides were created with a central goal of being a standard document for users to access clear, concise information on safety technicalities and requirements.

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