Hurry! You can still have input into Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year strategy

(Photo: Michael Coghlan/flickr)

Victorians will need to continue to embrace new ways of living and working in the face of significant technological and environmental disruption, according to Infrastructure Victoria’s draft 30-year strategy released in December 2020.

Infrastructure Victoria Chief Executive Michel Masson said Victoria can recover from the shocks of 2020 and meet future challenges by planning for change and doing things differently.

“Throughout 2020, Victorians have demonstrated we are adaptable, resilient and prepared to make big changes when needed,” Mr Masson said. “In the decades ahead, we will need to maintain that spirit in the face of technological disruption, climate change, lower population growth and unexpected challenges.”

Infrastructure Victoria is inviting all Victorians to have their say on the updated draft strategy, released for public consultation today. The strategy takes an integrated, cross-sectoral view of infrastructure planning, making 95 draft recommendations to the Victorian Government across both metropolitan and regional Victoria.

“The infrastructure we plan now must provide for a net zero-emissions economy by 2050, support the transition to a circular, zero-waste economy and deliver innovative solutions to drive trade and investment in agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and other key industries.”

“This is a chance for every Victorian to get involved and help determine the infrastructure recommendations to be included in the final strategy.”

To read the draft strategy, or participate in community consultation opportunities visit

Community consultation ends on February 26, 2021. The final 30-year infrastructure strategy will be presented to the Victorian Government in mid-2021.

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