Florida ‘vertiports’ to be designed by Aecom and Ferrovial

Aecom and Ferrovial are to design a network of ‘vertiports’ to allow Florida cities to be connected by electric aircraft that take off and land vertically (eVTOL).

The partnership’s vertiports will provide the necessary infrastructure for the landing, recharging and departure of the eVTOL aircraft.

“We are excited to work with Ferrovial on the design of this vertiport network that exemplifies the future of air mobility,” said Elisabeth Bernitt, senior vice president and managing principal with Aecom’s Buildings & Places business. “It is important for us that the design of the vertiport infrastructure reflects the innovative nature of the eVTOL crafts while creating a warm, welcoming environment. By incorporating flexible and modular elements our partners will be able to scale the vertiports with growth, permitting an efficient space that allows for future innovation while emphasizing the passenger experience.”

Ferrovial is partnering with aviation company Lilium in developing the Florida vertiport network. The Ferrovial and Aecom-designed vertiport infrastructure is intended to help enable a high-speed, environmentally friendly, affordable alternative transport system connecting Florida’s cities in new, sustainable and more convenient ways.

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