Every auger needs a halo

(Photo: jooliargh/flickr)

An Australian device to help ground boring and drilling tool is being launched in Europe.

The Halo, from Digga, uses LED lights around the top of the auger to indicate alignment.

A band of green LED lights indicates that the auger is in a plumb position, while a sequence of red and green lights guides the operator back to plumb when the unit goes out of alignment.

Halo helps to ensures holes are drilled plumb, reducing the number of in-hole angle adjustments, which can create an oversized hole. This in turn reduces the amount of concrete required to fill the hole.

Incorporating an alignment system into the hood of the drill is significantly cheaper than traditional systems, Digga says, as it eliminates the need for an in-cab display screen. This in turn means the operator never has to look away from the job in hole.

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