EPA NSW Launches Asbestos Week

It may be aimed more at DYI’ers and home renovators, but the risk and danger is just as applicable to more established builders. Asbestos remains a major hazard on building sites and any awareness campaign is worth noting. The NSW EPA noted common sources:

Everyday products that could contain asbestos include:

  • roofs, eaves, downpipes and insulation
  • interior walls (often with a non-asbestos covering on the outside)
  • kitchen splashbacks
  • under lino, some carpets and tiles (and the cement compounds used to fix tiles)
  • lagging around pipes, inside fuse boxes or as part of ventilation shafts
  • fences, garden sheds and small outdoor constructions like chicken coops
  • as part of bonded cement compounds that make up walls, which can be disturbed when sanded in preparation for painting.

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