Emerald City Retail and Commercial Development

Three storey commercial and retail development. Main tenant is Woolworths plus other individual retail tenancies all located on the ground floor.
Also located on the ground floor are escalators lift wells fire stair wells public toilets and plant areas. There will be a driveway entrance to Botany Road and allowance for future residential lobbies on Botany Road.

The first level will house commercial tenants roof structure and service area for plant escalators lift wells fire stair wells and structures for future parking development. The second level will house service access structures structures for future parking development a void over the commercial areas on Level 1 and well as lift wells and fire stair wells.

Construction over two stages: first stage consists of excavation and construction of lower ground floor and ground floor retails and associated plant. The second stage consists of first floor commercial spaces and associated plant. There is potential for three residential towers to be constructed at a later date.

Single level basement will house over 200 car parking spaces 60 bicycle spaces lift wells fire stair wells and rainwater harvesting and grease traps. Façade of building is modular U-channel glass and slabs of limestone. Use of exterior timber panels will mark entrances.