Eco-friendly blocks saving the shoreline in New Jersey, USA

(Photo: Bob Jagendorf/flicrk)

Blocks that have been designed to combine erosion protection with the regeneration of marine ecosystems are being used in New Jersey, USA.

The project involves the installation of marine ‘mattresses’ made up of concrete blocks. Engineering company ECOncrete has teamed up with the Seaview at Shark River Island Homeowners Association, American Littoral Society and Neptune Township to install the infrastructure to stabilise the shoreline at Shark River Island.

ECOncrete’s technology has been designed to enable a biodiverse ecosystem of marine life to grow on concrete. Earlier this year, funding was secured for a Spanish trial of the ECOncrete system.

The New Jersey project involves the installation of 42 marine ‘mattresses’ at the site, home to a community of approximately 200 houses. The aim is to stabilise the eroding shoreline, reduce flood risk, protect critical infrastructure and expand the marsh buffer. The full-scale installation follows a two year pilot project that was granted approval by local and federal regulatory authorities and has the support of the property owner Seaview at Shark River Island Homeowners Association, as well as the Neptune township director of engineering and planning.

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