Directory Introduction


Help is Here

Hi everyone,

Over a long period, I’ve had many requests from my network to help them procure what they need easier, faster and more enjoyably.

Up till now, there hasn’t been one single place to source the range of products and services typically needed throughout the project lifecycle.

As well as keeping the industry informed through the Daily News Feed and Industry Insights, and lifting wellbeing through the OptimiseQ Program, Construction Advisor has now launched the Directory of Products and Services.

phone-app Think of the Directory as the Dating App for Construction – it’s about bringing people together – the buyers and sellers of the construction community – to help each other achieve their objectives.
For the Buyers the procurement process will be streamlined, and for the Sellers, exposure to the wider, targeted marketplace will accelerate growth.


Whilst we’ve used our own network to start with, the platform will be made more useful over time if others provide us with nominations for inclusion, so if you let us know of worthy providers, we’ll follow-up.

Rosemary Tilley, Founder