Did you know you can recycle sports shoes in Geelong?

(Photo: Alan Levine/flickr)

And why can’t we do it anywhere else in Melbourne?

Waste Management Review reports:

A Geelong collection point has become a state leader for a running and sport shoe recycling program, with over 3000 pairs being dropped at the site in under 18 months.

Geelong’s Rebel Sport store is leading collection sites, under the national Save Our Soles initiative which initially began as a Victorian trial.

Since the program’s opening in November 2019, more than one tonne of shoes have been dropped off at the collection point, ranking the site number one out of 79 collection points across Victoria.

ASGA Executive Director Shaun Bajada said the popularity of the collection site is a sign of continued efforts in the Greater Geelong area.

“Geelong is the star of the Save Our Soles program; it continues to perform miles above the rest,” Bajada said.

The program aims to reduce the number of shoes which arrive at landfill sites, with a single pair of shoes taking over 1000 years to fully decompose in landfill.

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