Consultation open for Australian national digital engineering guide

(Picture: pikist)

Austroads is seeking the experiences of transport professionals from Australia and New Zealand to help inform the delivery of a new guide for the adoption of digital processes.

TheĀ Guide to Digital EngineeringĀ will provide a framework for the adoption of these processes in the delivery of capital projects and maintenance of assets.

The consistent application of digital engineering will help Australasian transport agencies to deliver, maintain and operate their assets more effectively.

The guide, scheduled for completion in early 2023, will focus on road and bridges, set within a broader framework of sustainable multi-modal transport systems.

The resource will provide transport agencies with user-friendly, up-to-date and comprehensive guidance, spanning all aspects of digital adoption within transport project delivery and asset maintenance.

Information will be provided for organisational leaders and decision makers along with practitioners implementing and using digital engineering systems and processes.

Transport agency executives play a key role in developing organisation level digital engineering objectives.

The guide will include details of business case development, benefits realisation and a roadmap to help communicate the value of digital engineering and the steps for implementation.

For technical staff, the guide will provide project lifecycle stakeholders in the early stages of digital development, with step-by-step guidance to thoroughly plan and apply digital engineering requirements, processes and tools onto transport projects.

The consultation process is seeking frank advice about all levels of digital engineering challenges.

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