Construction & Stage 4 Restrictions

Business Victoria has released its guidelines for the construction industry under Stage 4 restrictions. Along with the already published restrictions around 5 workers per site (small construction) and 25% of workforce (large projects) there are a number of important points to follow to ensure compliance.

  • All workers must carry a permit to work (provided by their employer) which can be downloaded from the Business Victoria Website
  • All sites must have a High Risk COVIDSafe Plan – examples also available from the website.
  • Workers are prohibited from car-pooling to and from work.
  • Employers must be informed if a worker lives with someone working in another high-risk workplace.
  • Some site movement is allowed for specialists but this is limited to 3 sites per week.
  • Early stage land development must ensure that worker density is no more than 10 people per hectare.

Read the full list and get resources at the Business Victoria website here.