Can Construction be done in bank hours?

On the back of the Swinburne study that identified significant issues with mental and lifestyle challenges in the construction industry, another university-backed study has shone a damning light on health in the workplace. Deakin University has collaborated on a study that shows a terrifying level of suicide rates in the industry versus the general population.

It is beyond time to draw a line in the sand, the industry needs to address what is clearly an epidemic – workers are not keeping up with the demands of the job. Our people are stressed, they are overworked, they are under-supported, under-qualified (for their role due to premature promotion) and struggling not just with work but with life.

It is time to address the situation, everyone knows that there is a problem, but few are actually offering a solution. Construction Advisor is pleased to introduce OptimiseQ, the first, and only, dedicated organisational wellbeing specifically for the construction industry.

OQ isn’t just another mental health/physical health program. This is a whole-of-health approach that isn’t just an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff – we aim to stop people getting to the cliff in the first place.

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