BESIX Watpac has achieved project completion for Brisbane’s first and Australia’s tallest diagrid building

(Photo by Pexels)

BESIX Watpac has achieved project completion for Brisbane’s first and Australia’s tallest diagrid building, Jubilee Place.

The complex 14-storey structure, built on a heavily constrained site during a global pandemic was a massive engineering task.

Constructed by BESIX Watpac’s experienced Queensland team and supported by its in-house engineering Operational Support Services, the project required a high level of collaboration with local contractors, Blight Rayner Architecture and Robert Bird Group engineers.

BESIX Watpac CEO Mark Baker said Jubilee Place was a landmark building that demonstrated and celebrated the capability and strength of the local construction industry.

“Jubilee Place is by any measure an extraordinary building, its unique exoskeleton structure, cantilevered over the adjacent heritage-listed Jubilee Hotel and directly above the Clem7 tunnel, posed significant engineering and construction challenges.

“Together with our subcontractors and partners, we are extremely proud of the outcome.”

One of the many outstanding achievements on this project, was the exceptional safety standards and collaboration achieved onsite. For the entire construction the project maintained BESIX Watpac’s safety record of no lost time injuries.

To achieve this, the team conducted more than 600 site safety inspections, almost 1500 site inductions and over 1000 toolbox talks.

Subcontractors like Beenleigh Steel Fabrications (BSF), Dewpoint Group, G. James Glass, Beavis & Bartels, Blue Star Electrical Services and Floth Construction were integral in the project, providing innovative and leading solutions for the construction including, diagrid uprights, nodes and other steel components, prefabricated central AHU plant rooms, and 3.4m high floor to ceiling vision glass panels on every level.

Mr Baker said tenancy fit outs were now underway, and BESIX Watpac was scheduled to move its head office into levels six and seven of Jubilee Place after Easter.

“We are excited to be moving into a building that is redefining the workplace experience,” he said.


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