Advanced Tender Notice for Early Works Package now available for Melbourne Airport Rail

(Photo: Gareth Edwards/Wikimedia Commons)

Early works to pave the way for Melbourne Airport Rail.

Critical utilities such as water, gas and electricity will be relocated, modified and protected along the Melbourne Airport Rail route as part of a second package of works now released to the market.

An Advanced Tender Notice (ATN) for an Early Works Package is now live, inviting contractors to pre-qualify for the next stage in what will be a Managing Contractor procurement model to deliver these essential first works.

Work is continuing to finalise the utility works required, but at this stage around 250 utilities have been identified as likely needing to be modified/relocated or protected.

Completing early works such as utility relocation and protection is a method that has already been successfully used on other major transport infrastructure projects, such as the Metro Tunnel (pictured), paving the way for new infrastructure to be built.

The utility relocation and protection work will be completed in a way that aims to minimise impacts to people’s day-to-day lives, ensuring a seamless transition between old and new utility locations.

Construction for early works is targeted to start next year, subject to all relevant approvals.

More information about the Early Works Package can be found on the Buying for Victoria website.