$4 million for passing opportunities on Tasman Highway

(Photo by Max Andrey on Pexels)

A $4 million package funded by the Tasmanian Government, the Tasman Highway will be upgraded to develop passing opportunities along the road east of Scotsdale.

The road upgrades include overtaking lanes and other improvements at Rocky Gully and Billycock Hill, as well as upgrading the junction with Legerwood Road.

The projects will improve road safety and amenity for motorists and improve the travel time reliability between Scottsdale and Branxholm.

The addition of passing opportunities over this section of the Tasman Highway has been identified as a priority of the Dorset Council and members of the North-East community are encouraged to contribute to the community consultation process.

A public display of the projects can be viewed at the Dorset Council Chambers reception area from 26 April 2022.

These works are in addition to a $120 million package of projects on the Sideling section of the Tasman Highway, jointly funded by the Federal and Tasmanian Governments.

A contract for the first section of the Sideling works is expected to be delivered next month. These Sideling projects will cover a 15km section of the Highway and are estimated to provide 200 direct jobs and 33 indirect jobs.


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