$1.5 billion to be invested in rail transport in Vic budget

(Photo: jean-louis Zimmermann/flickr)

The Victorian Government will invest $1.5 billion in public transport rolling stock, improving the quality of our public transport and creating local jobs.

This investment will deliver up to 1,900 manufacturing and supply chain jobs locally at its peak and will:

  • Design, construct and maintain 25 new X’Trapolis 2.0 trains and upgrade the Craigieburn Train Maintenance facility – $986 million
  • Provide enabling infrastructure for the Next Generation Trams, including a new tram maintenance facility – $367.5 million
  • Maintain existing train and tram stock – $158.6 million

In addition, Victoria’s regional trains will gain $613.1 million of support, maintaining and upgrading communication systems to improve reliability and provide more efficient movement of freight.

$25.6 million will go to improve access to our public transport system for those with a disability. Of this, $7.6 million will be provided to upgrade 1,200 tram stops with braille plates and tactile ground markings, and improving conditions at 40 priority stops with better weather protection, lighting and road markings.

For those who rely on local buses, $74.3 million will be invested in the state’s bus network, including new services to growing areas.

Victorian roads will receive $385.8 million to commence the implementation of actions from the Victoria Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030, which will include the continued roll-out of road safety barriers and signage as well as research and development of new technologies for road safety.

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